Durnford Dart of Bamboo Australia and Janet Millington were a great team in the Bamboo Workshop last week. Durn’s expertise about bamboo was unparalleled. Janet’s passion and real life examples were very engaging. Together they took us through the amazing world of Bamboo and its many functions and species. Species of particular interest were those used for a high protein cattle food, edible bamboo shoots and landscape functions. At lunch we enjoyed a delicious stir fry of harvested bamboo shoots and learned how to grow and sell commercially this high value crop. We looked at what species you would use where and for what purpose during are our site analysis walk and talk. We looked at bamboo as a living filter for water run-off and erosion control instead of a gabion; ornamental feature bamboo for a grand entrance; building timber and bamboo shoot production species. In January 2013 we are running a bamboo construction workshop (learning to construct bridges and walkways) and later another workshop when we will design and plant a living cathedral and windbreak, and other aesthetic and landscaping features. The value of bamboo cannot be overestimated. Its uses, benefits and functions seem to be endless. Its beauty, strength and flexibility are awesome. Bamboo is a great teacher – what looks weak is strong; it bends not breaks; it goes with the flow; it stands tall and proud and is deeply rooted yet flexible. See Garr Reynolds TED presentation on the 10 lessons of bamboo.