The PSI mushroom growing workshop with Todd was one of the most amazing workshops I’ve attended in a long time. Fungi are the most incredible living organisms around co-operating with plants; building carbon and organic matter; cleaning and detoxifying the soil; feeding us and other living beings; providing us with nutrition and keeping us well. One of the mind-blowing things I learned was that 90% of all plants cooperate and grow in association with fungi. Like an underground internet system, they also communicate through the forest with other organisms.

The workshop involved identifying mushrooms both in class and in the field; learning about fungi; discovering the nutritional and health benefits of fungi; learning how to grow an assortment of different types of fungi in different ways, and lots more. We impregnated poplar logs with fungi dows, planted out a mushroom bed as well as filling hession sacks with woodchip and fungal spores. Already we have a crop appearing of oyster, shitake and other gourmet fungi. Its all so easy too and a great source of income.

“Fungiculture” master Todd Mansfield is excellent at mushroom presenting. His knowledge, passion, experience, style, communication and people skills are second to none and I would strongly encourage everyone to do this workshop. Todd will be back to PSI again early next year to run another intro mushroom growing workshop as well as a more advanced and commercial growing one.  We look forward to setting up a mushroom tent and growing our own. Stay tuned to PSI and check out his facebook page and website

 See more pics from the weekend on our facebook page.