Another group emerges from a Permaculture Sydney Institute workshop more skilled, more passionate, more self-reliant, more energy efficient – and more resilient to any future environmental and social crises. Learning how to preserve, dry, cook, store and bottle a range of produce, the group developed an amazing array of skills and shared a wealth of knowledge and information. The workshop was very hands on and a hive of activity the whole weekend. Two kitchens at Bandusia were fully utilized around the pool and indoors. Participants made jams, chutneys, jellies, vinegars, fruit leathers, dried fruits and other products. They exchanged old and some secret recipes and they all loved the experience and joy of group learning with other likeminded enthusiasts. The trainers, Kathleen and Leslie, were impressed at the group’s willingness to share and co-operate and the strong desire to relearn these skills that our grandparents once had. The importance of growing your own food organically in the permaculture home garden was emphasized as well as gleaning and the permaculture principles. In between times participants BBqd and relaxed around the pool, swam and had a fun weekend get away

This was a weekend of sharing at its best. Don’t miss the next one!

Our next “Food for all Seasons” preserving workshop will be announced soon on the website.

We have some wonderful images from the weekend, take a look…

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