The Permaculture Sydney Institute and Bandusia now has two wood-fired ovens that will be fired up to produce tasty, free, energy efficient meals far beyond our life-time. A low-tech clay oven and a high tech traditional brick oven were constructed over the two days and participants learned about the wonders of the sustainability, efficiency and enjoyment of wood fired ovens. Roasts, pizzas, breads, deserts and pastries were all cooked in the oven and enjoyed by all. The ovens are also an attractive feature but also a focal point for communal dining in the garden courtyard and the pool area. They are not just financially, and environmentally beneficial but also socially. The ovens will be used to bring the local community together for regular permaculture and pizza nights. So you can change the world with your own two hands by building these simple structures so people can become more self-reliant, energy efficient and resilient.

All in all, it was a productive, fun packed weekend but we still found time to party as well as enjoy the sunshine, home made wine, and great food and company.

The Institute is looking to run a make your own oven kit weekend workshop in the near future where people can actually make their own oven doors, chimneys, arches and other things they need to be able to assemble their own kit from scratch more economically than purchasing these items. Keep your eye out for more details on this website.

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