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Permaculture Sydney Institute is Sydney’s leading Permaculture and sustainable learning centre.  It provides cutting edge permaculture courses, workshops, inspirational experiences and quality information and training.

Permaculture Sydney Institute engages only experienced, professional and accredited educators and specialists in their field and is committed to high standards of training and outcomes.

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Permaculture Strategies for Fire Prevention & Preparedness.

There are many things we can do to design for fire as many examples in these recent and other fires have shown us.

Farmer of the month: Jane Blacker – St Albans Nut Company

Jane Blacker farms and manages one of Australia’s largest organic Pecan nut farms. Right here in our valley.  Although a petite women in stature, Jane is certainly not small by nature or in what she has set up and achieved. Jane and her husband Warwick have...

News from the JULY PDC Course

Well another round of amazing PDC students were produced here at Permaculture Sydney Institute who without a doubt will go on to achieve great things. It was a small but very productive group this winter. Each have big ambitions of teaching, working abroad, developing...

Farmer of the month: Nick Shaw

This month’s farmer of the Valley of St Albans is Nick Shaw. Nick is a Horticulturalist and is passionate about plants. He teaches horticulture at Ryde College of TAFE where he teaches about plants so much of his life is about just that - plants.  Nick was inspired to...

10 Reasons I love Mandala Gardens

You don’t have to have a mandala garden to have a permaculture garden or be a permie. One chooses to have one. There are many garden design options sometimes the site will determine, the climate or the designer. I’ve chosen a mandala garden design and here are 10 good...

Permaculture Courses for City and Country

Introduction to Permaculture

Learn about the basic concepts of Permaculture and how to design, construct and manage a Permaculture home garden that is productive, ‘eco-friendly’, organic, healthy and low maintenance. Learn at a time, pace and location that suits you.

Permaculture Design Certificate

The very best teachers come together to provide the ultimate Permaculture course experience. Covering the Permaculture Designers Manual it brings together science and the arts and many practical design principles and techniques for living a totally sustainable lifestyle.

Seasonal Workshop Series

Exciting and inspiring workshops that cover all areas of Sustainable Living. From Earthworks, to Preserving Your Harvest, Heritage Fruit Trees and Food Forests. There is something for everybody!

Urban Permaculture

Learn skills to become more sustainable in an urban environment. From vertical gardening to cheese making, from street planting to creating an edible oasis on your balcony… we have courses to suit every situation, whether you be on a quarter acre block or in an apartment.